DISCLAIMER: each of my tarantulas are kept in quiet, clean terrariums and when handling them, I try to read their body language and behavior to where I don’t believe I’m threatening them in a way that will be harmful to myself, and more importantly to them. That being said, I have a tarantula rant for everyone… Tonight was my first time letting Borislav walk on my fingers on the floor of his cage, try to pick him up etc, and things were going fairly well. About 5 minutes later, my mom came into my room and wanted to see his fangs. I grabbed him by his sides gently (common tarantula way of handling) and he then proceeded to spray feces on my hand and on his cage (first use of defense). I placed him down and he crawled under his log and I left him alone, all while I was COMPLETELY fascinated my tarantula just sprayed piss and poop on me.. He then came out of his cage, climbed on the side of his water bowl, showed his fangs and literally DRIPPED VENOM FROM HIS LEFT FANG (shown in bottom picture), all while my mom and I watched. Then he started to make silk webs. It was definitely the most badass thing that has ever happened to me, and absolutely the most interesting thing I’ve witnessed with my tarantulas. Poor Maia was in her cage chilling on her log completely oblivious the whole time… Basically these are the things that drive me to go into animal research science and arachnology

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